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Many people are aware that I have been put in very precarious situations that have made me really question my belief system and stand in front of God and ask myself is it right or wrong to come out with a truth so unbelievable that it will create millions of people to doubt the very person I am. I had to risk my career and my personal finances to release what I honestly know to be the truth. That is the Boston Marathon Bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hook shooting, the countless other horrific fraudulant drills placed on the American people have been overwhelmingly dreadful to experience and watch unfold as I can dissect the truth from the green screen, fake blood and crisis actors mouths. Its a sad world we live in. But someone had to stand up and say something. I have risked a great deal but between my love for God, my love for America and mankind I took an oath as an American to speak the truth and not to lie because its the easy way out. Millions of people know the truth but are too afraid to say something. Hopefully I wonwont stand alone and others wilwill join my movement. I plan to continue to make documentary films that will wake the masses up...

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The company raised over two million dollars for charities across the world. Some include Tim Robbins, Salma Hayek, and Edward Norton's charities among others

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